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Hello and happy Thursday, 

This week we have been working so hard! 

We are continuing to wash hands (the whole class is doing it two times a day), and sanitize surfaces and hands frequently. 

I am also really focusing on mental and emotional health. We are doing frequent “brain breaks”, I allow “desk buddies”, allowing students to “take a break” when needed and so much more to help them through this unprecedented time. 

A few reminders and announcements: 

Gifted Testing is the week of February 14th

TWOsDAY 2/22/22 is coming up! We are encouraging the students dress silly! Examples: TuTus, TWO different socks, TWO different shoes, etc. It is kind of fun that we are in 2nd grade too! 

Our field trip to the Science Center is coming up on March 11th. They do require masks at the SC. The deadline for sign up is 2/18/22.  https://yqysjrrxph.formstack.com/forms/arizona_science_center_2nd_grade

In the next few weeks, our class will be doing a food drive to benefit foster families and children. We will need poster boards (for advertisement) and plastic grocery sacks to give to families. We will take all of the plastic sacks that we can get. If you have any extra at home, please send them with your child. 

This week: 

In ELA: we are working on sentence structure and adding details, details, details. We are also driving deep into non-fiction texts and drawing conclusions from text evidence. 

In math: we are working on word problems (single and multi-step). We are reading the problems, determining the equation(s) and solving the equations. 

In writing: We are researching and writing books about the information that we are finding (they are choosing the topic they are interested in). We are paraphrasing and summarizing the information that we are reading. We are also working on our class book! WAHOO!

In social studies: we are researching and presenting states in the United States. 


If you have any comments, questions or happy thoughts, please feel free to communicate with me! 

Stay well, 

Mrs. Witte