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It has been a great week. We are getting back into the groove! 

It was wonderful getting to know you all at conferences! Thank you all for your valuable time.

I have a supply request for a fun project next Friday (10/29): We are doing “surgery”— we will need disposable gloves, Band-aids, disposable table cloths and disposable masks.We are also always taking water bottles, paper towels and snack donations. Thank you for your donations. 

I have Literacy Pro up and running! WAHOO! 

We are continuing to take handwashing breaks and sanitize our classroom daily! Safety and health are number one priority. 

We are starting to really ramp up our project based learning activities– WAHOO!!!

In ELA: we are finding key details in a text, possessive nouns, quotation marks, non-action verbs and what headers, diagrams and captions are and why the author uses them. 

In Math: we are working on 3-D shapes, fractions, mental math (adding and subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers with regrouping and without regrouping, using number lines and hundreds charts to find the answer and word problems. 

In social studies: we are discovering different cultures and celebrating similarities and differences and how those similarities and differences make our world a better place.

In science: the students have shown a lot of interest in the Earth and in rocks and how water affects the shape of rocks (which happens to be one of our State Science Standards *wink wink* don’t tell the kids- hehe)

In writing: we are learning about sentence structure and practicing sentence formulas (for example: say the formula is: Article adjective, adjective noun verb adverb. The sentence would be The stinky, smelly pig ate quickly.)

Thank you for your partnership


Mrs. Witte