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Greetings families and friends. 

We have had another wonderful week! 

We are working hard to keep ourselves and others healthy so we have been having group bathroom and handwashing breaks throughout the day! We are also sanitizing most surfaces at the end of the day. 

We are at the point that we are starting small groups for guided reading and guided math! WAHOO! We also had a parent donate a few tablets and got our Donors Choose project funded so we will have 5 tablets in our room to learn with technology! We will be using a social studies app called PebbleGO, an online library, an app called Khan Academy Kids as well as do activities throughout Wonders and Envision curriculum! I am so excited!!! Thank you all so much for your continued support!!! 

Picture day is August 25th. 

August 25th is also a HALF DAY and we will be dismissing at 11am. 

We are always accepting extra snacks and water bottles.

We got so many compliments this week and we always celebrate our wins with dance parties!!!! Way to go Witte kids!!!!

If you have not signed up for REMIND app, please do so. This is the easiest and best form of communication for me. I do check my emails but only a few times a day. Thank you! 

Desk Buddies: in attempt to help the kids emotionally, I am allowing small little things (it can be whatever they choose that is school appropriate)  from home to sit on their desks to watch them work. I am not responsible for the Desk Buddies, the student is. The Desk Buddies are ONLY there to watch them work. If it becomes a distraction, it goes straight into the backpack. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  

Our 2021-2022 PreK-12 San Tan Yearbooks are on sale now. It will include a 15th year commemorative section and options for students and families. Begin planning and designing yours now. Visit our storefront link here: https://store.shopyearbook.com/santan-yb

In ELA- we are learning so much! We are continuing to “code” words with macrons and breves. We are also practicing syllables, sounds in a word, and number of letters. We are noticing that number of sounds and number of letters are not always the same. For example: the word “champ”- 1 syllable (how many times to you open your mouth?), 5 letters c-h-a-m-p, and 4 sounds /ch/ /a/ /m/ /p/. We are reviewing and practicing if the word is in a closed syllable and there is no consonant after the vowel the vowel is long and coded with a macron. If the word is in a closed syllable and there IS a consonant after the vowel then the vowel is short and is coded with a breve. We have also practiced the RABBIT rule. This rule: when you divide the word into syllables you hear /ra/-/bit/ but if you look at the rules of long and short vowels, there must be a consonant after the vowel in order for it to be short. So there is a silent b in the first syllable. We have also been working hard on comprehension of a text, finding key detail and taking and writing notes about the text. 

In math- We are solving word problems, coins, place value, odd and even numbers, mental math (addition and subtraction of a 2-digit number and a 1-digit number), making 10, reviewing doubles, number lines and number families. I am still “seeing what they know at teacher table so hopefully we will be done with those next week 

In writing- we are working so hard on our handwriting. 

In social studies/science/math- last week we did a coin study and wrote observations about each coin (front and back). We wrote down any observation that we had. Is the coin small? Large? What is it worth? Is the president’s hair long or short? What color is the coin? We also talked about who each president head was and the backs of each coin. It was so fun! On the penny is Abraham Lincoln and the Lincoln Memorial, on the nickel is Thomas Jefferson and the Monticello, on the dime is FDR and a torch, olive brand and oak branch and on the quarter is George Washington and a bald eagle 

Thank you for trusting me with your students with me! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions/comments/concerns/happy thoughts! 

Stay well, 

Mrs. Witte