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Hello everyone!
We have had an amazing week! 

We are finally getting back into the groove! 

Next week and the following week are FALL BREAK! I hope you all have a wonderful and healthy few weeks! 

We will return to school on the 11th and the 11th, 12th and 13th of October are ½ days for conferences. We will then go on our field trip on the 14th and I will be out on the 15th. That week will also be Spirit Week (my fave)!  

Each day will have a different theme! 

Monday 10/11 – Rainbow and Tie Dye Day!

Tuesday 10/12 – Crazy Sock Day!

Wednesday 10/13 – Hawaiian Day!

Thursday 10/14 – Twin Day!

Friday 10/15 – Super School Spirit Day!

We are still focusing on mental and emotional health. We have started doing “mindful breathing” before morning work in the morning. 

We are also celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. We will be doing a research project tomorrow about influential Hispanic people in history. They will learn about an individual and then write 3 facts and a WOW (something interesting about the person). They will work together in groups. We will also be visiting 3rd grade to see their Hispanic Heritage “wax museum”. 

Our annual beginning of the year PAPER DRIVE is in full effect starting this week. The class with the MOST points will receive a teacher reward for participating is $100.00 classroom fund. Write your teacher’s name on the paper and send it to the front office. Middle School should put their HOMEROOM teacher on their paper.

Thank you to all of the families for your snack donations! WOWOWOWOW! What a wonderful feeling the kiddos feel when they can give a snack to other students. 

If you would like to donate water bottles, extra snacks or origami paper to our class, those things are always welcome!

In ELA we have been learning about pronouns, diphthongs (oi and oy, ea, and oo) and the importance of punctuation and commas. We are also decoding words and studying about prefixes and suffixes and adverbs. We are also finding key details in stories.

In math we are doing mental math, clocks, a taste of fractions, clocks and using place value to solve multi digit addition and subtraction problems. They are also LOVING the online math games through our math curriculum SAVVAS. 

In writing we are building sentences with details and purpose. 

In science they have requested to learn about geodes! So we are learning about geodes! I love that they are so inquisitive. If your child has a specific interest that he or she would like to share with the class, please let me know! We will start doing PBL next quarter and I would love to hit on things that they are interested in! 

In social studies we are learning about different Latina cultures around the world! 

Please reach out if you have any comments, questions or happy thoughts! 

Stay well, 

Mrs. Witte