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Happy Thursday! 

A few announcements: 

IMPORTANT: Just for our class Learning Celebration is being moved from November 12th to November 10th starting at 2pm. I will not be in town November 12th. 

I have set up a new Donors Choose for some shelving/storage for our classroom. The shelving that the students put their backpacks and personal items on and keep their toolboxes on is falling apart and we desperately need new shelving. If you are able to donate, it would be so greatly appreciated. https://www.donorschoose.org/project/storage-for-my-students/5974393/?utm_source=dc&utm_medium=directlink&utm_campaign=tpc_complete&utm_term=teacher_7230841&rf=directlink-dc-2021-11-tpc_complete-teacher_7230841&challengeid=21594860

Thank you so much for the volunteers, donations and shout outs! They mean so much more than you may know. 

November 11th there is no school to honor Veterans Day 

November 12th is the Cultural Fair. If you would like to set up a booth that celebrates a culture, please contact Mrs. Laramie. 

November 17th is the Noetic Math Contest. This will be done in class. For more information please visit https://www.noetic-learning.com/mathcontest/index.jsp

November 24th is our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and it is also a ½ day! 

Our kiddos have been working so hard learning songs in music! They will be having a vocal concert on December 15th at Mission Church (4450 E Elliot Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234). 2nd grade students will need to arrive at 4:30pm and the show begins at 5pm. The fee is $10 per family  Please pay online here

The dress code for the concert is black bottoms (skirt, pants, leggings, etc.), a white blouse or nice top, and the child’s choice of winter/holiday accessories (festive bows, scarves, ties, necklaces, or hats.) 

This week in ELA: we have been learning about finding text evidence, reading a table of contents (an introduction to inferring), when to replace the y with an i and adding “es” with plural nouns, possessive singular and plural nouns, and listening to Native American folk tales! 

In math: we have been working hard of using different strategies to subtract double digit subtraction with fluency, taking information from graphs and interpreting the data, measuring with standard units (inches) and rounding 

In science we have been learning about parents and their offspring 

In social studies: we are celebrating Native American Heritage month by listening to stories, folk tales and culture. 

In writing we are adding details to our stories to make them more interesting. We will begin writing our class book in the coming weeks! 

Please reach out if you have any questions, comments or happy thoughts!


Mrs. Witte